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This is an excellent site that discusses everything to do with the Windows Mobile Operating System and the devices than run the OS.  It includes reviews of devices, accessories and software and loads of useful information from getting up and running in the first instance through to more advanced topics such as how to get the most out of the memory available.  I have been an active member on this site since 2004.

This site is similar to the above but discusses the Symbian Mobile Operating System.  You might not have heard of Symbian but chances are that either you have a phone that runs Symbian or you know someone who does.  Symbian is an evolution of the old EPOC OS that ran on the popular little PSION Handheld Organisers back in the 90's.

Sigur Ros are, in my opinion, the greatest band in the world right now (though Sarah hates them).  They are from Iceland and create huge, majestic music.  Their last single, Hoppípolla (jumping in puddles) was used by the BBC to advertise their "Planet Earth" series (and was seemingly on every other show the BBC have made recently - you can't have missed it).  Much of their second album, Ágætis Byrjun, was used as the sound track to to the film Vanilla Sky and they are rapidly gaining the widespread recognition they deserve.  They also have morals.  Legend has it that they have turned down six figure sums from major US TV Networks because the band didn't like the way their music was to be used.  Also (again, allegedly), when they played the Hollywood Bowl in 2005 and the organisers told them they wanted a 34% cut from all merchandising sold on the premises, the band immediately reduced the cost of all T-Shirts to 1 dollar to ensure that the Hollywood bowl didn't take a huge cut from THEIR efforts.


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